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Security Guard Services - Overview

Our Security Services are customized to address your specific needs, regardless of whether your organization is of a commercial or institutional nature. As a dedicated and committed security company, the safety of your assets, clients and staff are of the utmost importance to us.

What if an officer is not performing as expected?

We offer a performance clause that offers to replace the security officer as soon as practical at no additional expense to our client.

Can you provide us with a copy of your insurance policy?

Yes of course.  We would be happy to.


Our rates are competitive.  We’ve done a market analysis of rates to see where we’re at.  We have done the work for you.  Rest assured, you are getting a very competitive rate with Crocsec Limited.

How soon can service personnel start?

Service can begin as soon as we understand what our client wants and needs, get agreements signed, and properly prepare our service personnel.

Are the officers supervised?

Yes, there is a supervisor available to conduct random checks on all officers. Our guards are required to check in and check out with control.

How do you identify your customers’ needs?

Since every client has specific needs our trading includes on site special training, to meet the specific need of the client.

Do you sell, install or provide support for CCTV and/or alarm systems for residential properties?

Yes. We sell, install and provide support for CCTV systems for residential and commercial properties. We have a fully experienced department that is qualified to provide any assistance for electronic surveillance equipment installation and support. They can meet you in your property and discuss with you all requirement according to your needs. Call us today 01793 936 193 for a no-obligation security consultation.

How does the recruitment process for security guards at Crocsec Limited work?

Once these applications are reviewed, pertinent applicants are then invited to take part in a first round of interviews. A review process then takes place with Operation Managers assessing the suitability of each of the first round candidates. A final interview round is organized with candidates from the first round who best meet the criteria for the available position(s). Prior to the commencement of the final interview round, reference checks are performed, Security Licenses are verified, and when management is satisfied with the candidate(s) supplied documentation, the final interviews take place where position(s) may be awarded. Please Note: Crocsec Limited is an equal opportunity employer.

Can you provide security services for special events e.g. birthday parties?

Yes we can. Just be prepared as our staff will ask a few questions regarding the booking.

Examples of some of the question you may be asked:

  • How many people are you expecting?
  • What will the average age of the attendees be?
  • Will there be adult/parental supervision? (appropriate for where minors will be attending)
  • Will there be alcohol available?
  • Location Type? (Private residence or a hall, function church, centre, rural property etc…)
  • Will there be a guest list available to our Security Staff?
  • Date, location, start-time and finish-time?

Why are our security guard services better than others?

Crocsec Limited. has 20+ years of experience in the security industry. Our security officers are carefully screened and trained to prepare them for the task of protecting our client’s property and safety. A superior management system and proactive systems help us monitor and develop superior security officers.

Are there any fees associated with an assessment of my security situation?

No. Crocsec Limited will provide a free, thorough survey of your security situation, and will provide you with a detailed explanation of all your available options and how Crocsec Limited can provide the best Security Services that meets your specific requirements and your budget.

We really enjoy hearing what our clients think of us, so if you’ve used Crocsec services, don’t hesitate to let us know your views, good or bad. We are keen to learn from our mistakes. Getting it right is extremely important in the security business, so your feedback is vital.

Aend us your comments on the contact form you’ll find on this website, or drop us an email to info@crocseclimited.com. It would be useful if you could mark your message “Review”, and state whether you would be happy to have your comment published online.

You can also tell us what you think of Crocsec Limited by sending a message through our Facebook Page.

Join the ranks of our many satisfied clients both in the public and private sectors who use our 24-hour security guards, key holding and armed response services, skilled CCTV monitoring, mobile patrols and event security wherever and whenever required. Get in touch so that we can discuss your security needs, in private, and in person. Call mobile 07872 943 197 or landline 01793 557014.

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You can discuss your requirements with us and we will offer a personalised service. You can count on us for fair pricing and quality services.

Whether a commercial or a domestic property, our experienced guards are capable of providing security for all kinds of properties.

Cerebral Security Solutions provide high-quality security services across Wiltshire and Somerset. Our extensive services include security guard patrols, door supervisors, hotel security, keyholding, mobile security, empty property security, farm security, schools, colleges, and university security. Get in touch with out friendly and trusted team today. Call either01793 557014 or 07872 943197 or contact us by dropping a line and we’ll get back to you. 

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You can discuss your requirements with us and we will offer a personalised service. You can count on us for fair pricing and quality services.