The historic university city of Oxford is of course known as much for its iconic architecture as it is for its academic facilities and marvellous museums and art galleries, all of which demand and require security protection services.

Crocsec Ltd. is a leading private security company for Oxford, offering various security solutions tailored to different commercial and domestic situations, including the provision of professionally trained guards and mobile security patrols. We also provide expert CCTV monitoring, key holding facilities, alarm response, access control and event security services in Oxford, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Oxford Crocsec team is constituted of highly trained security operatives, all licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), and respected by our many satisfied clients for their integrity, reliability and honesty.

Crime has been on the rise in Oxford lately according to statistics from the Thames Valley police, published on the police.uk website, which is why security has become increasingly a concern to be addressed in the city. Particularly noticeable are increasing levels of violence and sexual offences, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and arson, and bicycle theft.

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You can discuss your requirements with us and we will offer a personalised service. You can count on us for fair pricing and quality services.

Whether a commercial or a domestic property, our experienced guards are capable of providing security for all kinds of properties.

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This means it is vital to protect your business premises, staff and customers, as well as ensure the security of your home and family in Oxford. Crocsec can install and monitor CCTV surveillance, ensure you have rapid response if/when an intruder alarm is triggered, provide random security patrols on an agreed basis, or install security guards and night-watchmen to safeguard your property and assets and act as a visible deterrent to those intent on wrong-doing.

Crocsec has been in business keeping places and people safe and secure in Oxford since 2011, working in both the public and private sectors. Our head office is in Swindon but our qualified security teams work across South West England.

We have founded our company on a set of core values, which include a commitment to exceptional customer service, teamwork, mutual respect, reliability, integrity and the provision of efficient, high value services.

We are experienced at providing security in Oxford, especially when it comes to the stewardship of the many events run in this city with its plethora of cultural and sporting occasions, which range from degree ceremonies and music recitals to American football matches.

Oxford is also a city with a rapidly growing economy, home to a great deal of industry, information technology start-ups, and science-based businesses, many of which use Crocsec to protect their interests.

We don’t sell security packages; the way we work is to consult with clients and assess their needs, tailoring a specific security solution for each individual case, ensuring that our proposal is achievable within the client’s prescribed budget.

This means you do not pay for any unnecessary “frills” – just honest-to-goodness security services to suit your situation and keep you safe.

If you value your safety and security in Oxford call Crocsec today on 07872 943 197 or 01793 936 193. We’ll take care of you.

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You can discuss your requirements with us and we will offer a personalised service. You can count on us for fair pricing and quality services.